Teuco Walk In Bathtub and Shower

Teuco 385 Combination Walk In Bath/Shower

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By now most of us have seen either in person or on commercials,  a walk in bathtub. They’re the bathtubs with doors that make entering and exiting a bathtub easier by inserting a door in the side. Those who have difficulty lifting their legs and still want to soak can find these to be useful. Walk in bathtubs are not accessible for everyone but can work great for some.  However, I have never seen any with the style that Teuco has given to their line.

The first thing you notice about their 385 Combination model pictured above is the door. A tall clear glass one that allows you to see the water level in the tub. Since this is a bathtub AND shower, the door is tall to block splashing and eliminate the need for a shower curtain. Accessible features include a low entry threshold, built in seat, hand held shower, and wall handle.

Teuco 157 Next Shower

Image: {a href="http://www.teuco.com" target="_blank"}Teuco{/a}

Teuco also makes walk in showers with wow factor. This 157 Next model has a futuristic Minority Report look. Accessible features for this shower include a low entry threshold, fold down seat, hand held shower, body sprays, and ceiling light. I’m not sure of the unit’s wall structure but if grab bars could be installed, that would make getting up from the seat easier. Though I’m sure some of the suction cup style grab bars would work. Both of these units from Teuco would not meet ADA standards, but for the right people they can make their bathrooms more accessible and super stylish. Visit the Teuco website to view more of their product line www.teuco.com .


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