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Bad Design Style: Case #77

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 12.31.51 AM

This is a wheelchair ramp made for a museum in Indonesia. While I appreciate the attempt at accessibility, it’s not perfect.

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Bad Design Style: Case #76


So this is a restaurant’s solution to make their entrance wheelchair accessible. Sorry but that is not a good solution nor is it ADA compliant. Too steep, too narrow, no guards, and too dangerous.

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Bad Design Style: Case #75

Photo May 26, 9 03 38 PM

Simply put, move the trash can!

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Bad Design Style: Case #73


This Bad Design Style article is a little different … it has a happy ending! But first lets start with the bad which is this ramp.

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Bad Design Style: Case #72


You know, I just don’t know. There must be a reason, or maybe not.

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Bad Design Style: Case #71


I try to avoid doing a Bad Design Style example of a residential home because many times people are doing what they can. But this is just done way too wrong.

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Bad Design Style: Case #70

As you know the Olympics in Sochi have now started and there have been some well publicized hiccups. Don’t know if this is one or not but it’s definitely confusing.

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Year End Top Ten: Bad Desgn Style

And finally it’s time for the best of the worst. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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