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Wheelchair Accessible House in New Jersey

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Finding a house that’s already wheelchair accessible can be a challenge. Usually at least a few modifications are needed. But there are houses out there that already have wheelchair accessibility like this one in Somers Point, NJ.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vacation Home in Mesa, Arizona

Image: Via VRBO

When taking vacations there are the options of staying in a hotel, friend/family’s house, or even RV/tent. Another option is to stay at a home that people own but let vacationers stay in. A group of friends and I did that last year on a trip to Colorado and it was fantastic. Advantages of this are having the amenities of home while possibly having the home customized for you. If you require a wheelchair accessible vacation home, then this one in Mesa, Arizona would be a good choice.

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Accessible Ranch Home Renovation in British Columbia

Image: {a href="http://www.haraldkoehn.com/homes/reno-country-classic.aspx#" target="_blank"}Harald Koehn{/a}

When it comes to homes that are wheelchair and walker friendly, ranch homes are always a favorite. Why? Because there is no second floor and the front door is at or close to ground level. So there are no long stairways and most modifications are simple. Though there are exceptions, as was the case for a family with five children in British Columbia, Canada. Their ranch home was a closed floor plan with not enough space and narrow hallways. The youngest child has spina bifida and the existing floor plan was not ideal for his mobility and independence. The family then worked with home builder Harald Koehn to greatly expand their home. Here is a quote from his company’s website on the home and what the family wanted:

This beautiful ‘Country Classic’ is the result of the renovation of a 35-year-old unworkable plan. The family wanted a home that would help empower their youngest son, who has Spina Bifida, to be as independent as possible, and where they all are able to interact as a family. This gorgeous Rancher home with its open accessible floorplan, features outstanding timber-frame construction which allows the spaces to flow from the inside out!

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Wheelchair Accessible House Renovation in Maryland

Tevnan Wheelchair Accessible House

Image: {a href="http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.282023298526300.66813.116165398445425&type=3" target="_blank"}Glickman Design Build{/a}

The majority of homes out there today were built without the thought of disabilities or people becoming less mobile as they age.  This is especially true for the majority of older homes. I have designed many accessible modifications for homes that had many stairs to the front door, small doorways, and had only one bathroom which was located on the second floor. Kathleen Tevnan of Maryland had all of these problems for her home which was built in the 1940s. After learning that she would be using a wheelchair, she and her husband made some accessible modifications to the house. However these modifications were not the most convenient and somewhat dangerous.  They then worked with Glickman Design Build to make a better wheelchair accessible house. The house is now not only more accessible and safe, but better looking.

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