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Firefly Powered Handcycle for Wheelchairs

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.23.58 PM

Many people may already be familiar with this product but there may be some that are not. This is a powered handcycle that can be attached to a manual wheelchair and turn it into an electric trike.

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Power Assisted Manual Wheelchair Attachment by Yamaha

Yamaha JWX-2

Image: Via Response

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve written about a couple of concept manual wheelchairs that would have power assistance when needed. Both the Solo and Mobi concept wheelchairs had this feature in their design. Little did I know when I wrote those articles that technology would make this feature a reality. Not only that, but the technology could be added to many existing manual wheelchairs. Introducing the JWX-2 by Yamaha, a power assisted manual wheelchair attachment.

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TiLite Customizable Manual Wheelchairs

TiLite Wheelchair

Image: {a href="http://www.tilite.com" target="_blank"}TiLite{/a}

Earlier this month I wrote an article about the Whirlwind RoughRider. A rugged wheelchair made for people in developing countries that was being made available in the U.S. I later received a comment from a reader that said they’d prefer their TiLite wheelchair over the RoughRider. So I decided to research TiLite and see all they had to offer. Now the two companies differ in that the RoughRider is more of a low cost one size-fits-all wheelchair. While TiLite makes their manual wheelchairs very customizable to the buyer and has much more flash in looks.

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