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Equal | Wheelchair Accessible Car Concept


Awhile back I wrote about the Kenguru which is a wheelchair accessible car being manufactured in Texas. Today we have a concept design vehicle that takes the basic form of the Kenguru and amps up the looks.

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Kenguru | The Wheelchair Car

Kenguru Car

Image: {a href="http://www.kenguru.com/index.html#http://www.kenguru.com/index.html" target="_blank"}Kenguru{/a}

Awhile back I wrote about the Palmer Industries scooters which were a kind of scooter/golf cart hybrid. Now I’m going to write about a scooter/car hybrid called the Kenguru. More of a mixture of a scooter combined with a Smart Car and Chevy Volt. With this electric vehicle, a wheelchair user rolls in through the back door hatch and drives off! No chair lifts, long ramps, or transferring.

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