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Firefly Powered Handcycle for Wheelchairs

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.23.58 PM

Many people may already be familiar with this product but there may be some that are not. This is a powered handcycle that can be attached to a manual wheelchair and turn it into an electric trike.

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Segway Into An Electric Wheelchair

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.46.24 PM

While perusing Youtube awhile back I came across this video of a person who converted a Segway X2 into an exciting electric wheelchair.

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The Ziesel Offroading Chair


Now that winter is fast approaching us, some fun in the snow might be in order. But to get to some off the grid places, a different mode of transportation might be needed. Which in case the Ziesel offroading chair might be the answer.

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Concept Electric Wheelchair by Ruru Zhuang

Image: Ruru Zhuang via Behance

Image: Ruru Zhuang via Behance

A lot of the concept designs I feature usually have a new functional or theoretical idea. But sometimes concept designs are about giving a differnt look to a product. The new design can be futuristic, retro, cultural, themed, or more. For this concept electric wheelchair, graphic designer Ruru Zhuang went with futuristic along with a luxury automotive feel.

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Idea to Control Wheelchairs with Google Glass

Having computers being an integral part of our vision like a cyborg is a consistent part of a sci fi future. A future that may now be coming soon with Google Glass. Basically these are eyeglasses with transparent computer screens and a camera. Controls would be done with eye movements and verbal commands. Recently Google ran a promotional contest called #ifihadglass where they asked people to submit ideas on what Google Glass could do. One idea came from software engineer Steve McHugh. He suggested that the glasses could be used to control electric wheelchairs and identify paths and hazards.

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The LEGO Electric Wheelchair

Image: Burf

As a person who works with architectural designs and has a degree in Interior Architecture, I have a special love for LEGOs. Growing up I loved to build things out of LEGOs and let my imagination go wild. Back in those days the blocks were fairly simple with a few specialized kits. Today LEGOs can be very complex with motors and other electronics that push imaginations even further. Simon Burfield of the UK builds crazy cool stuff out of LEGOs. Including this electric wheelchair made entirely out of LEGOs.

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Non-Pneumatic Airless Tire by Bridgedstone

Bridgestone Non-Pneumatic (Airless) Concept Tire

Image: {a href=”http://www.bridgestone.com/corporate/news/2011112901.html” target=”_blank”}Bridgestone{/a}

Tires are what get people moving around the world. Whether on automobiles, planes, bikes, or wheelchairs. They also need to be maintained in order work properly with whatever they are attached to. Many manual wheelchair tires are and solid don’t need too much maintenance. However electric wheelchairs and scooters have inflatable tires that require a little more attention. Proper inflation needs to be maintained for balance and tread wear. Inflatable tires are also susceptible to air leaks and punctures. Bridgestone is working on a new tire that would eliminate the maintenance issues of inflatable tires while keeping their advantages. Their Non-Pneumatic Airless Tire would also be lighter and environmentally friendly.

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Tongue Drive System | Control Electric Wheelchairs with Your Tongue

Tongue Drive System

Image: {a href="http://www.gatech.edu/newsroom/release.html?nid=110351" target="_blank"}Georgia Tech{/a}

For wheelchair users who are quadriplegic or unable to use their arms well enough to control a joystick, a sip and puff system is a way they can control their electric wheelchairs. Sip and puff works by the user sucking (sipping) or blowing (puffing) air into a tube. Using quick or continuous  sips and puffs, they can move their wheelchair forwards, backwards, left, or right. Sip and puff is a proven technology used by many. However we always need to keep innovating and researchers are developing beyond sip and puff. Georgia Tech is developing a tongue controlled system call the Tongue Drive System (TDS). Allowing a wheelchair user to control their movement with their tongue. TDS is also being developed to control other items besides wheelchairs such as computers and televisions.

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