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Temporary To Permanent Wheelchair Ramp

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4

I’m going to admit that I’ve never been a hug fan of the aluminum temporary wheelchair ramps. I think they’re not the most structurally sound and don’t look all that great. I prefer the sturdiness and look of wooden ramps with post footings or a concrete ramps. Here is a temporary ramp that was replaced by a wooden one. Constructed by Specialistic Construction, Inc of Highland, Michigan.

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Wheelchair Accessible Gardens by Gardens for Humanity

Sedona Winds Accessible Garden

With summer already upon us, many people are already busy with their gardens. An assisted living facility isn’t the first place you might think of having a garden, but here is one. These wheelchair accessible gardens are in Sedona, AZ at Sedona Winds Assisted Living.

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Wheelchair Accessible House in New Jersey

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.16.16 PM

Finding a house that’s already wheelchair accessible can be a challenge. Usually at least a few modifications are needed. But there are houses out there that already have wheelchair accessibility like this one in Somers Point, NJ.

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Hidden Ironing Board by KraftMaid


Honestly, I don’t know many people who like ironing. The chore can be time consuming and tedious. Even the act of lugging out the ironing board can be a hassle. Well this hidden ironing board by KraftMaid can at least make that task a little easier.

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Rathbun Residence | Roll-In Shower

If the Romans had designed roll-in showers, they might have looked like this. Here is a roll-in shower that has a design that makes you feel as if you’re in a Roman bathhouse.

Roll-In Shower by Balance Associates


Though you might think this is a picture from a sauna or spa somewhere, it’s actually in a person’s home. By Balance Associates of Washington, this roll-in shower has some style.

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Numi | Advanced Toilet and Bidet

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.48.08 PM

It’s an age old argument between couples that involves a simple bathroom fixture. The toilet and whether the seat is kept up or down. Well this new toilet and bidet can solve that conflict with a toilet seat that opens and closes automatically. Oh but the Numi by Kohler can do so much more than that.

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A Ramp For Mom


I came across this wheelchair ramp awhile ago searching for something to feature on the blog. Not only is this ramp a good and functional one, it also has a sweet yet emotional story behind it.

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