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Stylish Products for the Kitchen

Wheelchair Accessible Campfire Rings and Grills

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.31.50 AM

For some of us the thawing of winter means that outdoor activities can once again commence. Activities like getting out, making a fire, and cooking on a grill. A company out of Cherokee, Iowa called Pilot Rock makes these activities easier for wheelchair users with their wheelchair accessible campfire rings and grills.

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LeMans Swing Out Corner Shelving


The most awkward storage space in kitchen cabinetry is always the corners. The Lazy Susan has helped quite a bit but it’s still kinda awkward. Then trying to position a wheelchair to access this area is again quite awkward. Well this product by German company Kesseböhmer might be a solution

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Year End Top Ten: Stylish Products

Moving on to Stylish Products. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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Built-In Microwave Drawer by Sharp

Image: Sharp

Image: Sharp

When you hear the brand name Sharp, you probably think first of HD televisions and office equipment. Well surprisingly, they are also in the business of making commercial and residential microwave ovens. One series of their microwave ovens are drawer style ones where the door and tray come straight out. Traditional microwaves have a hinged door which means one side is less accessible than the other because of the door swing. This microwave drawer design can be easier to use and wheelchair accessible.

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UniLift Lower Cabinet Lift

A few months ago I wrote an article on Freedom Lift Systems and their mechanisms that lower upper cabinets. Great products that make upper cabinets accessible and reachable from a wheelchair. Another product they offer is a lift for counter top appliances. UniLift takes these appliances from a lower cabinet and raises them up to counter height level.

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Miscea | Touch Free Faucet

Miscea Touch Free Faucet

Image: Miscea

As I’ve stated before in previous articles, one of the standard design features for an accessible sink is an accessible faucet. Meaning one that can be controlled easily with one fist. So no knobs that require grasping or gripping. Single lever faucets are ideal though dual levers also work. Touch and touch free faucets are other options. All of these solutions allow a person who has difficulty using their hands an easier time using a faucet. Another solution now available is the Miscea. A touch free faucet with sensors that can activate water flow, temperature control, along with soap and disinfectant dispensers.

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Sliding Cabinet Doors by Häfele Frontio

One common design feature of wheelchair accessible homes is the sliding or pocket door. Without a door swing to avoid or worry about, they can make for easier access. The same can be true for kitchen cabinet doors. Sliding cabinet doors have been around for awhile but you always have that layered look. With a track in front and one in back for each door. Architectural hardware company Häfele has solved this problem with their Frontino sliding cabinet doors.

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Hability | Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

Hability Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

Image: {a href=”” target=”_blank”}Valcucine{/a}

Recently I wrote about Whirlpool’s universal design kitchen concept called the Liberty Project. A conceptual design that had a lot of neat features that were meant to accommodate all members of a family with different degrees of accessibility. But unfortunately the Liberty Project is not available for purchase. However another kitchen unit designed for accessibility is available by Italian company Valcucine. Designed in collaboration with architect and designer Marco Miscioscia, Hability is a modern wheelchair accessible kitchen.

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