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Wheelchair Rims with Attitude by Precision Billet


Just like automobiles and motorcycles, a prominent feature of a wheelchair is well, the wheels. And just like automobiles and motorcycles, the look of wheelchair rims can give a lot of character. Like these by Precision Billet.

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Year End Top Ten: Stylish Products

Moving on to Stylish Products. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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Adaptive Clothing Jeans by ABL Denim


I had received an email from this company right before I took  a break from blogging. At that time they were just getting ready to launch with a kickstarter campaign. Now it looks like they’re up and running. The company is ABL Denim which was started by tailor Stephanie Alves of Los Angeles. The company specializes in making adaptable bluejeans. The jeans feature adaptive features such s side zippers and elastic waistbands. Visit to see their full lineup.

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Stylish Leather Bags for Potential Wheelchair Use

As stated before in past articles, bicycles and wheelchairs have many things in common where parts and accessories can even be interchangeable. One interchangeable accessory I didn’t really think of is storage. Some types of bicycle storage wouldn’t work well with wheelchairs but these stylish leather bags just might. Made by Detroit Cargo of Warren, Michigan, these bicycle bags could also function as wheelchair bags.

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Wheelchair Slipcover by Sure Fit

Image: Via Hayneedle

Image: Via Hayneedle

In the beginning, wheelchairs looked a lot like furniture because they were in fact chairs with wheels added onto them. As wheelchairs became more functional and sophisticated their looked moved away from their furniture beginnings. Now in a kind of full circle way, furniture cover maker Sure Fit has made available a wheelchair slipcover that makes modern wheelchairs look like furniture again.

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Universal Design Style Store is Now Open

The Universal Design Style Store is now open. To visit just click on the “Store” tab in the menu. Here you can find products that are stylish, helpful, and informative. Everything from books to adaptive equipment with style. Enjoy!


Wheelchair Skins by ChairWear

ChairWear Chair Skins

Image: {a href="" target="_blank"}ChairWear{/a}

Designer skins seem to be everywhere now as everyone wants to personalize what they own. Skins are available for cell phones, laptops, game systems, and more. Wheelchair owners like to personalize their wheelchair also to match their style. This can be done with the shape of the wheelchair, colors, and patterns. Now wheelchair users can put a skin on their wheelchair seat backs with a design that fits them. These wheelchair skins are ChairSkins by ChairWear.

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Xeni Collection | Adaptive Clothing

Xeni Collection

Image: {a href="" target="_blank"}Xeni Collection{/a}

Awhile back I wrote an article about IZ Adaptive clothing and their line of stylish adaptive clothing. Fashion is something that expresses our personality and how we want to be perceived. So variety and having choices is very important. Another stylish adaptive clothing choice out there is the Xeni Collection out of the United Kingdom.

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