Roll-in Shower With Lighted Shower Bench

When deciding on what kind of shower bench or seat to have in a roll-in shower, there are a lot of different options. Materials are mostly narrowed down to wood, plastic, or a built in tile. Well here is an option that I’ve never seen before. A built in glass shower bench with LED lights. This was done for a project in Colorado Springs by interior designer Christa Young of TY Design.

Glow On
The project overall is a remodel of a master bathroom. Probably not designed specifically for accessibility but the shower is roll-in with a bench. The glass bench was custom made by a local artist out of Denver. A textured surface gives visual interest and grip to keep from sliding off. Adding even more visual interest are LED lights to make the bench glow. Giving off a relaxing aqua colored hue.

So the next time you are looking for an option for a shower bench or seat, now you can think glass. An element where light can be added for additional effect.


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