Panda Mobility’s Wheelchair Accessible Trike

Where I live spring and warm weather has finally arrived. Which means the motorcycle owners are pulling their bikes out of storage and hitting the road. I have a few friends that are motorcycle riders and they love the freedom and open air. For wheelchair users, the options are much more limited. You can find people with custom made motorcycles and trikes but there’s not much in the way of factory made ones. But now a company out of Costa Rica named Panda Mobility is making a wheelchair accessible trike.

Panda Mobility’s trike basically is a souped up electric scooter similar to the Kenguru. The front has a sleek automotive look with headlights and blinkers. There are two wheels in the front and one in the back. Along with a carriage area for the wheelchair.

Getting In
On the back is an electrically controlled ramp that comes down. Once in the trike there are tie downs to secure the wheelchair in place. Controls are handlebar style like other trikes and motorcycles.

Specs and Limits
Because the trike is electric there are some limitations. The trike only has about a 30 mile range with a max speed of 45 mph. So in town driving is the best use here.  A full battery charge takes 4 hours while 2 hours will get it to 80%.  But being electric there is very little maintenance and it weighs only 550 lbs. Also if you’re worried about hills, the motor is 19 HP.

For some the open road and air is a place to be free. Panda Mobility offers a way for wheelchair users to get out there also. So long as short around trips are done. For more information on Panda Mobility visit


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