Bad Design Style: Case #76


So this is a restaurant’s solution to make their entrance wheelchair accessible. Sorry but that is not a good solution nor is it ADA compliant. Too steep, too narrow, no guards, and too dangerous.

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Temporary To Permanent Wheelchair Ramp

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4

I’m going to admit that I’ve never been a hug fan of the aluminum temporary wheelchair ramps. I think they’re not the most structurally sound and don’t look all that great. I prefer the sturdiness and look of wooden ramps with post footings or a concrete ramps. Here is a temporary ramp that was replaced by a wooden one. Constructed by Specialistic Construction, Inc of Highland, Michigan.

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Bad Design Style: Case #75

Photo May 26, 9 03 38 PM

Simply put, move the trash can!

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Oyogu | Swimming Arm Prosthetic Concept


Where I live it’s been a very hot past few days which has me thinking of taking a dip in a swimming pool. For those who might need a lower arm prosthetic, Irish designer Robert MacCarthy has designed a swimming arm prosthetic called Oyogu.

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‘ADA In 3D’ App 1 Year Anniversary Sale

iOS-Simulator-Screen-shot-Mar-5-2013-2.00.01-PMRecently my ADA In 3D app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices turned 1 year old. To celebrate, the app will be on sale for only $2.99 through the end of June.

ADA In 3D is the ADA building codes fully illustrated and interactive in easy to understand 3D models. Building codes can be hard to understand and visualize, this app makes them easier to understand. Purchase it on iTunes here or on Google Play here.

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Wheelchair Accessible Gardens by Gardens for Humanity

Sedona Winds Accessible Garden

With summer already upon us, many people are already busy with their gardens. An assisted living facility isn’t the first place you might think of having a garden, but here is one. These wheelchair accessible gardens are in Sedona, AZ at Sedona Winds Assisted Living.

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Music City Center Wheelchair Ramps

Photo May 29, 8 19 12 AM

Last week I attended a convention in Nashville at the brand new Music City Center. A huge and beautiful facility with many places to go inside. Between two of the levels is a ramped pathway which is wheelchair accessible.

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Bad Design Style: Case #74

Photo May 20, 8 44 29 PM

Everywhere you go stores are gearing up for the lawn and gardening season. Which means a lot more inventory that needs to be put somewhere, usually the parking lot. Which is fine except that what you see above happens all too often.

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