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New Technology for Visual Impairments

Year End Top Ten: New Technology

Let’s look back at some of the coolest new technology and inventions featured in 2013. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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See How The Google Self Driving Car Sees


The Google self driving car has gotten a lot of media attention the past couple of years and is trending towards someday being a purchasable vehicle. The concept of a self driving car could give a huge added amount of independence to many with disabilities. But did you ever wonder how it works?

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iOS 7 Accessiblity Features


Unless you’ve been cut off from recent media access, then you know that Apple came out with the newest version of the iPhone, the 5S. Along with a new phone was the introduction of iOS 7. This new mobile operating system introduced a band new look along with added features. Some of those new features included some additions to the phone’s accessibility features.

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Xbox One and Kinect 2 Possibilities


Over the past year I’ve featured a few stories about how researchers, developers, and designers are utilizing the abilities of Kinect to help people with disabilities. Some have used the motion capture technology to allow people to control devices and play games with mere eye movement and facial expressions. Others have concepts of interpreting sign language. This week Microsoft announced and showed off the next generation Xbox One and a second generation Kinect. The improved power and innovation of these devices opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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EyeNote App Identifies Paper Money

The new technology I’m featuring today isn’t exactly new because it’s a couple years old which is old in tech years. But the technology is fascinatingly good and very useful. The technology I’m talking about is the EyeNote app for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This app is able to identify paper money and audibly say what the denomination is. Developed by the  Bureau of Engraving and Printing, this app can be extremely useful and even vital to people who are blind or visually impaired.

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ADA Illustraded App | 3D Illustrated Version of the ADA Building Standards

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 5, 2013 1.54.45 PM

So this article is a total self promotion, but it is for something I’ve been working hard on for months 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design became enforceable. As a person that draws and reads construction plans, I could understand the code pretty well. Not that reading the ADA Standards is hard to understand, but they can be hard to visualize. Which had me thinking, why not make an illustrated version of the standards and turn it into an app. That was the beginning of the ADA Illustrated app, a 3D illustrated version of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design with over 380 images.

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Oxy-Iso | Colorblindness Reducing Glasses

RG1 copy

In the movie Little Miss Sunshine, there’s a point in the movie where the son who wants to be a pilot realizes he can’t be because he is colorblind. Which is a reminder that while not a “major” disability, colorblindness can still affect lives. My best friend for example is colorblind and has to remember while driving that the top light is red and the bottom light is green. So there can be safety issues and career limitations associated with colorblindness. For those with red-green colorblindness, a new pair of glasses can help them distinguish the two colors. The Oxy-Iso by O2Amp are colorblindness reducing glasses available now.

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Argus II | FDA Approved Bionic Eye

Some big news that hit the technology newswires recently was the FDA approval of a bionic eye. This bionic eye is designed to help people with severe retinitis pigmentosa (RP) to see light better. Available in Europe since 2011, the Argus II by Second Sight of Switzerland is now available in the U.S. Although the bionic eye does not restore full vision, it can help bring back useful sight for those who need it.

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