HYDRoNAUT | Amphibious Children’s Wheelchair Concept

For those of you that are old enough to remember the Tom Hanks movie Big, then you know his character had an awesome job. Designing toys for children. Products for children always seem like they’d be so much fun to design because of the chance to delve into imagination and be a kid again. Which brings us to this week’s fun little concept design. HYDRoNAUT by Irish Product Designer Ciara Lavery, is a colorful amphibious children’s wheelchair.

We All Float On
HYDRoNAUT is a wheelchair meant to be used in places like the pool or beach with calm shallow waters and supervision. The wheelchair is a three-wheeled one with a frame made of plastic and aluminum. A big U-shaped air filled tube makes up the armrest and keeps the wheelchair afloat when in the water. The wheels are big and wide so that they can easily roll over sandy terrain. The frame is made so that a Leckey Advance Bath Chair can fit right in. On the back of the chair is a cane shaped handle for supervised control.

Image: Ciara Lavery

Going to the pool or beach on a hot day is a treat for anyone and especially children. Making the waters fun and accessible makes everyone happy. HYDRoNAUT has the potential to do this. To see more of Ciara Lavery’s portfolio visit this website.


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