Gaggenau Accessible Ovens

Gaggenau Lift oven

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In my last article I wrote about the Siple House and commented on the accessible appliances. That reminded me of  when I attended a local vendors show awhile back where I saw these accessible ovens by Gaggenau. What makes these ovens accessible is they’re flexibility in mounting height and how they open. They’re not the only manufacturer that makes these style ovens so if you’re in the market for one, know that there’s more out there.

The ovens are not specifically targeted for people with disabilities which can be a good thing because that makes more kitchens almost accessible by default. In this article I’ll focus on two styles of ovens they offer that are accessible. The first is the LiftMatic pictured above. This oven is mounted above a counter surface where the bottom lowers onto the counter surface. You then place the food onto the tray and push a button to lift everything into the oven.This method is also safer because you are never reaching into the heating source like with a traditional oven. Below is a video of the LiftMatic in action.

The other accessible ovens Gaggenau offers are like other built-in wall ovens you may find on the market. However their doors are side hinged instead of bottom hinged. When a door opens downward, this can be in the way of a person using a wheelchair. With a side hinged door, the approach in a wheelchair can be easier.

Image: {a href="" target="_blank"}Gaggenau{/a}

Gaggenau also makes other appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, dish washers, cook tops,warming drawers, and more. Some of which can also be considered wheelchair accessible. Visit their website to see their whole product line.


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