Electrical Outlet/Nightlight Combos

As we’ve all probably heard by now, one of the main things we lose as we age is vision strength. Not only do things become a bit more hazy, but we also lose some ability to see contrast and night vision. Which is why lighting can be an important tool in making a house safe for an elderly person with low vision. One simple way to do this is to turn outlets into outlet/nightlight combos. This can light a path at night or make the outlets easy to find in the dark.

Electric Light
The outlet/nightlight combos pictured above and below are from Pass & Seymour. The ones above feature a thin LED strip in between the plug openings. The ones below have a light taking up the entire upper half. Both types have a photo sensor so that they turn on at dark and off when it’s bright. Which one to choose depends on if you need both plug openings and how much light is needed.

Image: Pass & Seymour

The Wrap Around
Another neat way to light up an outlet and keep the plug openings clear is with these LED lights by Las Vegas Lighting. Here the LEDs wrap around the outlet wall plate. With white, blue, green, and pink colors available; a stylish look is also an added benefit. The lights can also go around light switches so that they’re easy to find in the dark.

Image: Las Vegas Lighting

Below are a couple more examples of outlet/nightlight combos I found with a simple Google search. One has a dome shaped light which would work well in lighting a hallway or stairway. To see more of Pass & Seymour’s products visit this website. For more on Las Vegas Lighting visit www.LV-Lighting.com.

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