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Concept Designs for Mobility

Equal | Wheelchair Accessible Car Concept


Awhile back I wrote about the Kenguru which is a wheelchair accessible car being manufactured in Texas. Today we have a concept design vehicle that takes the basic form of the Kenguru and amps up the looks.

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Oyogu | Swimming Arm Prosthetic Concept


Where I live it’s been a very hot past few days which has me thinking of taking a dip in a swimming pool. For those who might need a lower arm prosthetic, Irish designer Robert MacCarthy has designed a swimming arm prosthetic called Oyogu.

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ProControl Cycling Hand Prosthesis


For many of us the weather is just now getting warm enough for us to get outside and be active. Cycling being one of those activities. Cycling equipment for people with disabilities usually conjures up images of a racing wheelchair, handbike, or special leg prosthetic. Well British product design student Andrew Flynn thought of another demographic. He designed a special hand prosthesis for cycling called the ProControl.

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Accessible Wheelchair See Saw


A see saw is a classic piece of playground equipment that is incredibly simple but equally as fun. This concept design by Argentinian industrial designer Pia Balducci makes a see saw wheelchair accessible.

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Seiza Wheelchair Concept

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.47.43 PM

Even though a wheelchair is basically what the name implies, a chair with wheels, I’m still amazed at the variety of designs people can come up with. Here is another one called Seiza by Vera Kunhartova.

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Cross Training Wheelchair Concept


Cross training is not a concept, but doing so using a wheelchair may at first seem limited. Of course wheelchair users can find many ways to cross train. Although having an adaptable wheelchair like this one by Industrial Designer Andrew Lowe makes training easier.

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Empathik Mobility Aid for Seniors


Earlier this week I featured a next generation rollator by Invacare called the Dolomite Jazz. Today it’s another glimpse into the possible future of rollators.

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Year End Top Ten: Concept Designs

For a peek at what might be it’s time for the top ten concept designs. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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