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Concept Designs for Visual Impairments

Year End Top Ten: Concept Designs

For a peek at what might be it’s time for the top ten concept designs. Again you can read the original article by clicking on the picture and the order is by date appeared.


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Sounds Good | The Visual Hearing Aid

Sounds good visual hearing aid

Image: {a href=”” target=”_blank”}Peiqi Tang{/a}

After the firs bulky hearing aid was first made, the goal since has been to make them less and less visible. To the point where now many hearing aid are hardly noticeable. Here we have a concept hearing aid where the goal is to be seen. Combining a hearing aid with jewelry and communication device. The Sounds Good hearing aid by Rhode Island School of Design student, Peiqi Tang, looks like an earring and lets others know when they’re speaking too loud or soft.

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Conduct | Sign Language to Voice Device Concept

Conduct Communication System

Image: {a href="" target="_blank"}Sarah Saville{/a}

Many people who are deaf or hard of hearing work with sign language interpreters to communicate. I’ve been to many meetings where sign language interpreters were present and they are very good at their job. However there is not an overabundance of interpreters and because they are people they require scheduling and a salary. Industrial designer Sarah Saville of Detroit, MI has designed a device that provides another option. Her Conduct device is a sign language to voice concept for presentation purposes.

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Colorful Hearing Aid Concept for Children

Hearing Aid Concept

Image: Tom Hudson via {a href="" target="_blank"}En Derin{/a}

Children have a perspective on the world that is much different from an adult’s. They will generally play with anyone no matter what they look like. However there are times where children can point out differences and make fun of those differences. For children that are deaf or hearing impaired, that difference may be a noticeable hearing aid. To make this difference look less medical and more fun, Tom Hudson designed the Hear Aid. A colorful hearing aid concept that’s noticeable yet blends in.

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Communicaid Deaf Communication System

Communicaid Deaf Communiction System

Image: {a href="" target="_blank"}Jae Design{/a}

For people that are deaf or hard of hearing, technology has greatly improved their ability to communicate with  those that are not. Email, social networking, and texting being examples of technology that have opened ways to communicate. However there still remain barriers  and hassles when trying to communicate fluidly. With sign language interpreters, you lose privacy. Writing on paper or texting back and forth can be time consuming. Industrial designer Jaepyung Lee thought of these problems along with others and came up with a solution. His solution is Communicaid, a three piece deaf communication system that assists people with deafness to communicate in different situations.

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