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Case studies and examples of homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces that utilize universal design in a stylish way.

Rathbun Residence | Roll-In Shower

If the Romans had designed roll-in showers, they might have looked like this. Here is a roll-in shower that has a design that makes you feel as if you’re in a Roman bathhouse.

Roll-In Shower by Balance Associates


Though you might think this is a picture from a sauna or spa somewhere, it’s actually in a person’s home. By Balance Associates of Washington, this roll-in shower has some style.

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Leg Clinic Wheelchair Ramp

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.08.54 PM

If any business should have a wheelchair accessible entrance, a leg clinic would be a high listing. Thankfully this clinic out of Britain does have an accessible wheelchair ramp that also looks great.

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A Ramp For Mom


I came across this wheelchair ramp awhile ago searching for something to feature on the blog. Not only is this ramp a good and functional one, it also has a sweet yet emotional story behind it.

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Masonry and Metal Wheelchair Ramp


Today we have a wheelchair ramp that obviously is not original to the house but still compliments it beautifully. Made of brick pavers and retaining wall blocks, this ramp looks more like great looking landscape project than an accessible entrance.

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Amazing Stone Shower


Now this is a stunning stone shower like no other! Almost like it’s from a movie set or at least for a house with the financial means I cannot even imagine.

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Year End Top Ten: Architecture+Design

Well it’s the end of the year and time to do another Top Ten list of the best and worst that showed up on Universal Design Style. A little less to choose from this year since I haven’t posted as often due to a new job but there’s still plenty to choose from. So let’s get things started with Architecture+Design. (List is in order by date and you can read the original article by clicking on the picture.)


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Beautiful Wooden Indoor Wheelchair Ramp


Making ramps inside a home is not always an easy task because of space limitations. This indoor wheelchair ramp not only functions well but looks beautiful.

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