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Wheelchair Accessible Kayak Dock



So this is really cool, a wheelchair accessible kayak dock located at Lake Cunnigham in Omaha, Nebraska. The lake is popular with many types of water vehicles including kayaks so recently the Parks and Recreation Department made a wheelchair accessible area.

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Wheelchair Accessible Gardens by Gardens for Humanity

Sedona Winds Accessible Garden

With summer already upon us, many people are already busy with their gardens. An assisted living facility isn’t the first place you might think of having a garden, but here is one. These wheelchair accessible gardens are in Sedona, AZ at Sedona Winds Assisted Living.

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Music City Center Wheelchair Ramps

Photo May 29, 8 19 12 AM

Last week I attended a convention in Nashville at the brand new Music City Center. A huge and beautiful facility with many places to go inside. Between two of the levels is a ramped pathway which is wheelchair accessible.

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Beautiful Masonry Wheelchair Ramp in New York


There are few things that look better on the outside of a building than large pieces of masonry. When done right it give the visual of strength and solidity while still looking warm and welcoming.

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Leg Clinic Wheelchair Ramp

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.08.54 PM

If any business should have a wheelchair accessible entrance, a leg clinic would be a high listing. Thankfully this clinic out of Britain does have an accessible wheelchair ramp that also looks great.

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Year End Top Ten: Architecture+Design

Well it’s the end of the year and time to do another Top Ten list of the best and worst that showed up on Universal Design Style. A little less to choose from this year since I haven’t posted as often due to a new job but there’s still plenty to choose from. So let’s get things started with Architecture+Design. (List is in order by date and you can read the original article by clicking on the picture.)


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Universal Design Office Building in Denmark


In Denmark different organizations for people with disabilities collaborated to create The House of Disabled People’s Organizations. The idea being to construct a fully accessible office building that can be set as a standard. For more information on this building read this article from World Architecture News.

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Orlando Brown House Wheelchair Ramp

When it comes to restoring and modifying historic sites, there is a lot to take into consideration. Improvements need to be done while also keeping the architectural integrity of the building. Making the historic site wheelchair accessible can prove an even bigger challenge. Adding an accessible entrance to the outside without taking away from the site’s character can be difficult. But when done right, a place of history can be made accessible for all while maintaining its historic look. In Frankfort, Kentucky this has been done with the addition of a wheelchair ramp at the Orlando Brown House.

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