Amazing Looking Roll-In Shower in Philadelphia

When I look for architectural and interior design spaces to feature, I like to choose ones that really jump out at me. Immediately when I saw this roll-in shower I knew it was going to be written about. Even though it’s not specifically designed for accessibility, it’s still a design inspiration. Designed by k Yoder design of Philadelphia, this roll-in shower definitely stands out.

Teak Me About Design
This week will be a little different where I focus less on the universal design characteristics and more on the visual design. Beginning with the stunning tile on the back wall. Made of Burma Teak stone, the tiles remind me of the rings and grains of cut wood. Arranged in an ashlar pattern, the look of the tiles keep your eyes moving. With the adjacent walls being a solid and lower toned color, the teak wall really pops out.

Light From Above
What really brings the dramatic look to the shower is the lighting. A single light bulb is in the ceiling directly above but it’s the upper light that’s the key. The recessed cove light along the back gives the illusion of natural light coming from above. The way the light washes down the wall gives depth. From behind the glass the teak wall looks like a museum display.

Of course with no curb the shower is roll-in and accessible. Body spays on the wall give plenty of water flow coverage. With the addition of grab bars and a hand held shower this would be fully accessible. To see more of k Yoder design’s work visit


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